Safe Neighborhoods

Dr. Jay Jalisi recognizes crime as a growing problem in parts of Baltimore County. Residents, however, especially the most vulnerable and minority communities, have not developed trusting relationships with the police. This lack of trust creates a “stop snitching” culture that contributes to further cycles of crime and violence.

Dr. Jay believes that this cycle must be stopped through grassroots prevention of crime by neighborhood watches and cultural sensitivity training for police officers. In this way, neighborhoods can take initiative to help the police perform their duties more effectively. Meanwhile, police officers can become a more integrated part of the communities they serve and protect.

  • Cultural Sensitivity Training for Police Officers are state-funded professional development and certification programs for police officers. Cultural sensitivity training will be combined with a strategy of placing police substations in minority communities, attracting bilingual officers, and forming relationships with both minority communities and neighborhood watches.
  • Neighborhood Watches must be organized and financially equipped to effectively address issues before they become major problems. With respect to ongoing investigations, neighborhood watches should be engaged in dialogue with police to know how best to address crime on a local level.