Better Education

Providing Students the Foundations for Success in College and Career

Today, children in Baltimore County are not getting the full benefit of Maryland’s education system. When new families decide where to raise their children, they consider Howard County schools to be superior to Baltimore County Schools. Furthermore, while our politicians brag about how Maryland schools are among the best in the country, internationally, our children are falling behind their peers. As a parent of two children in school, Dr. Jay Jalisi is focused on making the Baltimore County Public School System provide a world-class education for our children.

Dr. Jay’s Plan for Baltimore County Public Schools:

Univeral Pre-Kindergarten required at all schools will provide the strong foundation  necessary for future success. As a father of two, Dr. Jay knows that young brains develop and grow quickly during Pre-Kindergarten, time that cannot be made up later. Therefore, as parents, we should focus on working for engaging Pre-Kindergarten education in this important stage of childhood development.

• Increasing teachers’ pay and pension benefits to make teaching an attractive career. Baltimore County Schools need the most talented, motivated and well-educated  teachers in order to make an impact on our children from the earliest age.

Provide Counseling for both Future Career Paths and Mental Health in all schools. It still takes a village to raise a child. We need to provide children with the specialized skills necessary to compete in a global workforce. At the same time, Dr. Jay also believes we must also look after students’ mental health. New technology and the demands of school are creating new stresses that must be managed appropriately. Therefore, school counselors must be able to both coordinate a student’s interests with a college or career choice, and identify issues pertaining to adolescent mental health. This means counselors would work with parents and teachers to put pupils on the best path possible.

New Schools and Modern Technology to keep class size low, and class time relevant to the real world. Dr. Jay trusts teachers to make the most with what they have. For too long, however, teachers have made do with a combination of textbooks and old computers. Baltimore County needs to invest in the newest technologies to keep children interested within the classroom,  and prepared to create the cutting-edge innovations that Maryland and America need to succeed.

Teaching About the Value of Diversity is paramount in Baltimore County. Dr. Jalisi believes that Baltimore’s incredible variety of ethnicities, religions, and more, should foster understanding these different groups. As more children get easy access to the media which adds new flavor to the American melting pot, the Baltimore County school curriculum must reflect these important changes.

Encouraging and Providing Healthy and Balanced Food Options in School Cafeterias to Address Childhood Obesity. Dr. Jalisi agrees with First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to address childhood obesity through more balanced school nutrition. To fuel students’ young and growing brains, children need fresh fruit, protein, and whole grains to keep them focused and healthy throughout the school day, which more schools need to provide.