Meet Dr. Jay

Dr. Jay Jalisi is a medical doctor, a small business owner, and a Baltimore County community leader as a member of the Democratic Central Committee. For Dr. Jalisi, the honor of representing Baltimore County as a Delegate in Annapolis would be an extension of the community service work he is already doing. Dr. Jay currently works with non-profits to serve the needs of homeless women with small children and supports a free medical clinic for the uninsured.

Dr. Jay is running for Maryland House of Delegates because:

“I strongly believe in better education for all our children, better safety in our neighborhoods, more emphasis on public health, protection of our environment, reduced taxes on seniors and people living on fixed income, and a fiscally responsible government which provides equal employment and business opportunities for each and every resident. Most importantly, I believe in a continuous interaction between residents and their elected officials so the best possible public policies are envisioned and implemented in a timely fashion.”   Dr. Jay Jalisi


Dr. Jay received multiple citations for his community service from the Governor of Maryland, Maryland General Assembly and the U.S. Congress.

He received the 2013 Agus-Shenan Interfaith Leadership Award for promoting relationships between Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities by the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council.

Dr. Jay has also co-authored 2 books on diseases of ear, nose & throat (ENT), holds 4 copyrights for research on the transplantation of the larynx (voice box), and has teaching experience both in U.S. and internationally.